“BARXACOVA” and “OS VESTIXIOS” with Funds Award 2021-22 by Deputación da Coruña, were selected as candidates for the “XXII Premios Mestre Mateo” of the Galician Audiovisual Academy in the categories of “Best Short Fiction” and “Best Documentary”

“BARXACOVA” is a short film starring actor Alfonso Míguez and screenplay by Xosé Gallego based on the texts of Albert Camus “Calígula” and “The Stranger” entirely filmed in natural spaces of great beauty in the Ribeira Sacra.

“OS VESTIXIOS” is a short film that tries to expose the ancient vestiges of the medieval kingdom of Galicia that still exist in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

As in Werner Herzog’s documentary film “The Cave of Forgotten Dreams”, the actress Melania Cruz enters the Cathedral with the sole light of a lantern in order to reveal the treasures of the ancient Kingdom (the Crypt, the central nave, the Pantheon and the Glory Portic) at the same time as a recognized expert in the field, the professor and researcher of Art History Faculty at the U.S.C. Rocío Sánchez Ameijeiras, gives an account of a period as dark as essential in the construction of the temple.